Many of today's credit cards are actively broadcasting valuable information, which is stored in the embedded "smart" chips! The convenience of these new "pass and scan" cards is outweighed by the ever-present risk of identity theft. Electronic pickpockets are actively targeting your information from up to 10ft away. Very soon ALL credit cards and debit cards will have RFID technology embedded in them, and these cards can be read without ever taking them out of your wallet.


Inner layer made of a special metal alloy that blocks RFID waves and frequencies. This layer is found between the lining and the leather (called Intra-lining). The Intra-lining is super thin, meaning you won't even know it's there, and will not impede on the integrity of the wallet. This allows easy access to credit cards or passports as the wallet was designed.

Keep your information
safe and secure

Cabrelli & Co. wallets now have "built-in" ID Defender Technology which make "smart" cards virtually invisible to radio wave scanners. RFID chips can typically be read through bags, wallets, clothing and more. Protect your information. Cabrelli's new ID Defender shielding technology blocks this transmission from happening as long as the card is in the wallet.

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